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Moore County Schools believes that all students, each day, deserve access to rigorous, relevant and engaging learning opportunities. Virtual learning provides an opportunity for students and teachers to remain connected and engaged with content while working remotely. 

Daily structure of CONNECT! Virtual Academy

  • Students will learn new grade-level content from a certified and fully-licensed MCS teacher.
  • Virtual students will learn the same grade-level content as their face-to-face peers, paced in the same way.
  • Teachers will regularly check in on both student academic needs as well as social-emotional needs during these trying times.  Developing relationships between teacher and student as well as student to student will always be our primary concern, whether virtual or face-to-face.
  • Students may engage in both live sessions with teachers as well as recorded lessons/materials.
  • Activities and lessons will be grade level appropriate- both in the complexity of the task as well as the amount of time required to complete.
  • Students should experience hands-on work that does not require a device to complete.  In particular, students in grades K-2 will experience large amounts of "offline"/hands-on work.  

Instruction in CONNECT! Virtual Academy

  •  Students will be assigned work and communicated with through a Learning Management System such as Canvas or Google Classroom.
  • Work will be graded consistent with current MCS grading policies. Grading scale information can be found here.
  • Live learning sessions or virtual support will be provided through Google Meet.  Live learning sessions will follow a regular schedule that will be shared with both students and parents.  Live learning sessions will be recorded for students to view later, if unable to attend.  
  • Live learning sessions will be time-appropriate for students, in other words, students will not be asked to sit through live virtual sessions all day long.  These live learning sessions will be balanced with activities and assignments that are completed both individually and collaboratively with classmates.
  • Students will participate in all mandated testing based on their enrollment.  Students will be required to physically come to the school campus for any mandated state testing. 
  • Virtual Teachers will receive ongoing professional development in how to most effectively teach in a virtual environment.  
  • Students or Parents in need of technical support should visit this site:   www.ncmcs.org/virtualsupport 
  • Connect Academy
  • 272 Archie Road, West End, NC 27376
  • 910-947-2678
  • 910-947-2404
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